Shopping for China Buttons

Where to find china buttons? Stories (almost urban legends) tell of lucky collectors finding the most amazing china buttons at estate sales, yard sales, antique stores, online, offline, in barns, under floors, at thrift shops or simply laying on the ground in France. However, a collector cannot consistently find china buttons in any of these places. Without a doubt, the best place to buy quality china buttons is from a china button collector or a button dealer who sells china buttons. With that being said, here are a few of the most useful resources....

[A caviet: Identification of china buttons, especially calico patterns, can be extremely difficult and tedious especially in the beginning. Learn about chinas; read everything that you can; form relationships with other china collectors; and do not assume that just because a calico is labeled as a certain pattern that it really is that pattern. Make your own reasoned decision about a button ID before buying. Be prepare to correct your ID as you learn and become more knowledgable. Read George Gauthier's article to learn more about commonly misidentified calico patterns.]

Byson Buttons
Deborah Hanson and Jane Quimby specialize in
beautiful buttons of all kinds, and always seem to have
unique china buttons available for china collectors. Their
selection of china buttons is excellent. Their knowledge about
chinas is unsurpassed.

C & B Weiser
Owned by Connie and Bud Weiser, C & B Weiser is also an excellent online source of beautiful buttons. Their selection of china buttons is very good. They are friendly and professional. In addition, they also stock a large selection of button collecting supplies. Their custom button cards are the loveliest on the web.

Joni Goldbarg
Joni Goldbarg is a dealer in exquisite buttons. Her love of chinas guarantees that she will have a lovely selection. A visit to her Picasa page is a must.


Button Shows
One of the best places to find china buttons is from button dealers at the dozens of button shows that occur each year in the United States. Byson Buttons posts their show schedule on their website. However, many equally excellent button dealers do not sell on the web. Expore this link to get a sense of the beauty and chaos of button showroom at a large button show.

Collectors with China Buttons for Sale
These collectors have china buttons for sale.
Please contact these sellers at the email addresses on their individual
pages if you are interested in making a private purchase.

Matthew's Buttons on Photobucket

Z's Wife on Flickr

Lady Bug Scrap Bin on Etsy

Deb's Poke Box on Google+

Buttons Images by Lisa Schulz on Picassa

Baubles and Buttons on Etsy

Simone's Button Box on Google+

Button Auctions
I am aware of two button auction sites: Armchair Auctions and Page Button Auctions. Both auctions advertise in the National Butten Bulletin and have excellent reputations.

China buttons will usually be found under the catagories:
Antiques/Sewing/Pre-1930/Buttons, a correct placement, or
Collectables/Sewing/1930-Now/Buttons, a less accurate placement. There is an excellent button page on Collector's Weekly that gives button collectors the power to track the most watched eBay auctions. Chinas are highly collectable. They will frequently rise to the top.



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