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China Button Sites

Several years ago, Lindy Miller made beautiful reproductions
of calico button patterns especially for historical reenactors
and jewelry makers. Collectors love them, too.
She is no longer selling buttons through this site
but the site remains full of useful information
about her lovely reproductions. Occassionally,
Lindy Miller will find a few of her reproduction calicoes
and offer them for sale on her Etsy site, Timeless Calico.
Her spouse, Jim, has a blog,
For the Love of History, with a great story
about how their fascination with calicoes began. Visit the Flickr page of
Z's Wife to view a partial collection of Lindy Reproductions.

Byson Buttons
Deborah Hanson and Jane Quimby specialize
in beautiful buttons of all kinds,
and always try to have unique china buttons
available for china collectors.

Baubles and Buttons
Janet White has created a lovely study of all types of china buttons. Her work closely follows the Guidelines with the addition of excellent color photos and insightful commentary. [In February 2014, the website was temporarily down for maintenance. A pdf shapshot of the website is posted here if you would like to save a copy of Janet's research.]

National Button Society
Membership includes a subscription to the National Button Bulletin
which is mailed to members five times each year and a right to access
the "Members Only" section of the website, a respository
containing past issues of the Bulletin and useful articles about china buttons.

Button Country
Button Country is a great educational resource for button collectors.
The section on china buttons is quite useful and beautifully done,
if somewhat limited. There are mouse-over images which allow
you to see the front and back of the main china buttons types.
Keep in mind that these are only a few examples of china buttons.
There are many, many more than the ones shown!

Read about China Buttons
Links to more books, articles and websites about china button collecting.


Buttons at the top of this page are from the collection of Judye Stewart.
Sadly, many of the links on the old version of this site have broken
and the sites are no longer online. These links
have been removed. It is a sad reminder that information
that you find today may not be available tomorrow.

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