China Button Gallery

The following buttons were brought to the china meeting in Denver, Colorado and photographed.
They represent unusual and beautiful china buttons.

Row One Above
18. China Mound, white with blue rim, gold inner rim and perle luster center 1-7/32" (Joan)
23. 2-hole with Radiating Line Rim shape 5 white body with black band over the edge and side 5/8" (Sara)
34. 4-hole white body with calico pattern #38 and pierced metal rim 17/32" (Diane)
20. 4-hole, white body size large 1-11/32" (Susannah)

Row Two Above
39. Calico Jewel, blue body with calico pattern #321, stamped design on rim 13/32"
(no #) Janet's calico shape #6
25. Pin shank, white body with pink calico pattern #13 1/2" (Jane)

Buttons on this page are from the collections of: Janet White, Jane Leslie, Diane Whisnant, Sara Buck, Joan MacFarlane, and Susannah Jordan.

Interesting china buttons are turning up all the time. This example is a four-hole off-beat type that is unlisted. At least 3 of them have turned up in collections.

From the collection of Julia Coons

January 2003
And here's another unique example of china...a lovely jewel with multi-colors intersecting lines:

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